Grace Mugabe fingered in bizarre rituals on Bob’s corpse

In stranger than fiction new revelations, former first lady Grace Mugabe apparently performed bizarre rituals on the remains of her late husband, Robert Mugabe – and also barred close family members and other relatives from viewing his body when he was buried in Zvimba on September 29.

This followed Mugabe’s death from cancer at a top-notch Singaporean hospital on September 6, as well his body’s repatriation to Harare on September 11 – where it was surprisingly kept at the family’s Blue Roof mansion until two days before his burial at his rural home at Kutama Village.

Close Mugabe relatives who spoke to the Daily News this week disclosed that the illness, handling of the former president’s remains and his place of burial had been shrouded in superstition, with Grace also claiming that her late husband had ordered her never to leave his boy until his interment.

Some of Mugabe’s close relatives are even claiming that Grace may have tampered with the former president’s body ahead of his burial, after she chased away close family members and chiefs from the funeral wake.

Feeding into the conspiracy, Grace declined to have the casket containing the remains of her husband opened on the day the late nonagenarian was buried.

“There was no body viewing on the day of burial. No one knows if Mugabe still had a nose, two eyes, two hands or two legs because Grace didn’t allow the viewing of his body.

“Before the burial, she ordered out relatives and friends from where the body was, and remained in the room with her children for a considerable period of time.

“No one knows what she was doing with the children and the remains of the former president. Our suspicion is that she was carrying out some rituals,” a miffed close relative said.

Leo, the son of Mugabe’s late sister Sabina was also nearly assaulted by Grace on burial day, according to the relative.


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