Good Samaritan saves pregnant teenager from committing suicide

A pregnant 17-year-old girl was saved from killing her unborn baby and taking her own life by a stranger in rural Matabeleland.

Thokozile (not her real name) had left her village in Matebeleland to work in Harare as a housekeeper.

However, her employer fired her after noticing that she was pregnant after one of her visits to her rural home.

Following her sacking, Thokozile took the first bus to Bulawayo on Monday but because of shame end fear due to her condition, she dropped off in Mbembesi which is approximately 66km from Bulawayo.

She was spotted by Alfred Ndlovu (24), as she wandered around, contemplating terminating her pregnancy and committing suicide.

Ndlovu said the teenager initially said she was going to her aunt’s place but later confessed that she wanted to take her own life.

Said Ndlovu:
I was just going about my business as usual when I saw her wandering around the bus stop which is about 500meters from where I stay.

I approached her and asked where she was going as she appeared lost.

She initially lied to me saying she was going to her aunt’s place. Upon further investigations, it became apparent that she was lying.

She broke down in tears and confided in me that she wanted to abort her pregnancy and end her life.

It was at that moment that I decided that I would not leave her but would take her home until her family or anyone asked about her whereabouts.

Ndlovu took the teenager to his home where his wife prepared food for her and a place to stay.

He then called the girl’s brother who was only identified as Nkosi and explained the situation and promised to get her on a bus to Bulawayo as was advised. Added Ndlovu:

Tuesday morning I took her to the bus and got the driver’s contact details and the details of her aunt who was to meet her in Bulawayo and made sure she arrived in her custody safely.

The girl has since been reunited with her family.


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