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Getting Started In Betting

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Soccer betting isn’t that very difficult, even for those new punters. However, there are a few things you need to know to make the betting journey easy and enjoyable (profitable). This is the main reason why I have taken time to go through this step by step guide for beginners.

Step 1

Learn the Basics of Sports Betting

As a beginner, you need to know how to bet on teams. All matches at bet houses are given as finished after 90 minutes and the subsequent injury time. This means that if you place a bet (wager) for a team to win in a game that has extra time and your team draws in the regulation time but wins in extra time, you would have lost your bet. If, however, your team is drawn when it reaches 90 minutes but scores in injury time which is often recorded as 90+1 minutes your bet will win considering that the score remains like that when the referee decides to end the match.

Step 2

Know the Different Betting Options Available

One of the best things about soccer betting is that there is a wide variety of different wagers one can place on matches. There are plenty of options that one can explore than just betting on which teams will win the match after the final whistle. This therefore means that there are plenty of opportunities for you to make a profit.

You will need to be very familiar with the different types of bets. A punter may choose to bet on which team wins the most corners, how many goals will be scored in a match, are there going to be red cards in the match, who will score, just to mention a few of the available options. We will be discussing most of these options here in the weeks to come so that you find an option you like and use it make it to make money.

Step 3

Decide on Which Betting Markets to Play

This can be the deciding factor on whether you will be successful or a weeping punter week in and week out. So how do I get to choose? There are so many soccer leagues and competitions around the world even when the major leagues would have gone for their off season break.

No easy answer exists on which league to choose but you can have a formula of some sort. It is very tempting to use a variety of different wagers on a variety of different leagues, but this is usually not the best approach. Every league out there has different characteristics so it depends on which options you usually prefer to play as a punter.

For example, the England Championship, League One and Two are unpredictable leagues as anything goes but if you predict well they make you tons of money. The Netherlands Eerste Divisie usually produces a lot of goals so if you prefer to play goals you will be more successful there.

Step 4

Factors Affecting Soccer Matches

This is where things start to get a little more confusing as this can sway decisions on what to bet on. Understanding the different factors that can affect the outcome of soccer matches is essential as this can make or break you.

This is where the research aspect we discussed last week (link) comes into play.

Factors to consider when conducting your research include the current form of the team, how many losses and wins in the last five matches, head to head statistics, how the teams played before, which players will not play that game due to injuries and suspension, are the players happy with the coach and are they receiving their salaries.

These are some of the key factors to consider and they will assist you to make informed judgements about what is likely to happen.

Step 5

Avoid the Basic Mistakes

There is a phrase I used to hear whilst growing up which says “Learning what not to do is just as important as learning what you should do.” A number of people often lose money from betting on soccer because they make simple mistakes that are easily avoided.

We are human after all but there are mistakes we can avoid so that we immediately place ourselves in a much more favourable position to make money. At the very least, dear punters, you will lose less often.

We will discuss the mistakes in the next articles so that we become habitual winners.

Until then remember:

Winners know when to stop and

Stake what you can afford to lose.

KD is a football fundi and betting enthusiast

Twitter – @KD3_16


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