Fracas as man discovers wife’s affair with popular prophet after going through her phone’s call log

Prominent Beitbridge church leader, Madzibaba Tonderai Ben of Johane Masowe YekuJecha KwaLimpopo Church is entangled in a messy wrangle after his alleged adulterous affair with a congregant’s wife was allegedly exposed.

The congregant, Timothy Gwaendepi who is also a close friend and Madzibaba Tonde’s interpreter confirmed the matter to The Mirror this week.

Gwaendepi said that his wife Tendai Mutake (32) has since left for her parents’ home in Bulawayo after the affair was exposed two weeks ago.

The Mirror is in possession of voice records in which Madzibaba Tonde made calls of up to 32 minutes to Mutake. Madzibaba Tonde who is a debt collector in Beitbridge was also recently installed as a headman.

Madzibaba Tonde said he was being framed by Gwaendepi. He said that the voice recordings were edited to incriminate him. Mutake’s phone was not reachable up to the time of going to Press.

The two love birds discussed their steamy se_x escapades in the voice recordings. Both said they marvelled it most when they did in the bush where it is free and there is no one to disturb them. The recordings also show that Madzibaba Tonde would regularly do it from his friend’s matrimonial bed.

Gwaendepi said he discovered the relationship between the two after he recently bought his wife a new phone that has recording facilities. Two weeks ago, he took his wife’s phone as his was not working and went to church with it.

On the way as he went through the phone’s call log he realised that there was an unsaved number that made frequent and long calls to his wife. He went to the recordings and was shocked to hear that it was his church leader and friend who had a steamy relationship with his wife.

“I was so shocked, so sapped of energy that I turned back and went home just after arriving at the church. I saw no reason for going to church when such was happening in my life. Madzibaba was not at the church and I later realised that he had an appointment with my wife.

“Impulsively I just sent the voice recordings to members of the church and the recordings went viral and my wife just packed her belongings and went back to her parents in Bulawayo.

“What annoys me now is that Madzibaba is now abusing me on Facebook saying that the allegations are not true when his voice and his number are on the recordings. My wife confessed to the adulterous relationship before she left.

The affair had run for 10 years,” said Gwaendepi in an interview with The Mirror.

In one of the recordings, Mutake could be heard complaining to her boyfriend that he was travelling too much. She also urged him to spend a whole day at her place instead of just having it once and then leaves.

The two also said that they had had a very good one in a long time on that day. They also speculated that Mutake’s last born child looked so much like Madzibaba that he must be his child.

Madzibaba also said that Mutake was now a headman’s wife following his installation at a function in which Mutake attended. He also bragged that many women loved him.

“Nhasi ndakurova zvandinofarira……………… Kuita bhora mberi chaiko,” said Madzibaba Tonde after one of the sex escapades.

“Nhasi zvanga zvichifaya wena. Asi nhasi waifanirwa kuswera pamba wotobva wadya. Kana wanga uchida kana kuswerera zviri kwauri hapana kana nyaya,” said Mutake.


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