Family seeks justice after son’s manhood got stuck in female vendor in bush

A Norton family is seeking justice for their mentally challenged son who was allegedly sexually abused by a vegetable vendor in a case of suspected rituals.

The vendor, identified as Mai Zambezi, was caught pants down in a bushy area after her victim’s manhood got stuck in her genitals during a night sex escapade.

Reports say the incident occurred late last year at a bushy area close to Knowe along the Norton-Zvimba road.

A medical report was obtained at the Norton General Hospital whilst a police report has been made under case number CR 176/12/20.

According to the victim’s father, his son had been contracted to do menial jobs by Mai Zambezi before he was short-changed.

The victim’s father is demanding instant justice for his son.

“I demand justice for my son, he was ‘raped’ after doing a piece job in the neighbourhood.

“He was supposed to be paid US$10, but Mai Zambezi took advantage of his situation and gave him RTGS$70 which he complained that it was too little.

“According to the victim, he was then coerced to fake his going for a church all night prayer to which I consented to.

“Shockingly, some women passed through my house the following morning informing me that they had witnessed him having sexual intercourse with Mai Zambezi in a bushy area,” said the father.

He said upon interrogating his son he opened up on what transpired on the fateful day.

“My son said Mai Zambezi, a mother of four, first bathed him before going with him to a secluded bushy area where she raped him during the night.

“She ran out of luck as my son’s manhood got stuck inside until daylight when people who had come to fetch firewood witnessed the incident and had a torrid time trying to separate the two,” he said.

The father feels that ever since he made his police report the case hasn’t seen much action.

“This lady made irreparable damage to my son and the family at large, my son was someone whom we could trust to stay behind with his siblings at home, but now we are afraid to do so as his behaviour is changing for the worst.

“Even when watching television, each time he sees erotic scenes he now feels uncomfortable,” he said.

Ward 4 councillor Tarisai Mazarura said she received the report of the case which is a shame to their community.

“I heard the case but what pains me the most is that the alleged woman took advantage of someone’s disability.

“I am not happy at all such acts should not be condoned at all,” she said.

Contacted for comment Mai Zambezi who exonerated herself from the allegations said: “The issue you are referring to is a complex one, I can’t talk to you if you intend to use my responses in any article.

“Who told you where to find me, anyway, I am not even Mai Zambezi l am her first born,” said Mai Zambezi.


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