EU exposes State-owned Chronicle newspaper’s lies

The European Union delegation in Zimbabwe has mocked the state owned Chronicle over its story which suggested that the Western bloc had supported Zimbabwe’s re-engagement plan saying the story smacks of creative journalism.

“The European Union (EU) has pledged unwavering support to President Mnangagwa’s Government in its re-engagement efforts aimed at repositioning Zimbabwe’s economy on a growth trajectory in line with Vision 2030,” the State-owned Chronicle wrote.

Posting on Twitter yesterday, EU in Zimbabwe said their statement raised grave concerns over the recent violence in Zimbabwe and not what the Chronicle reported.

“Creative journalism from @ChronicleZim – note what was actually said about need for more (reforms) to be done and that support is dependent on conditions. We have also raised our grave concerns over the recent violence in #Zimbabwe, see our statement,” tweeted EU in Zimbabwe.

Statement by EU Spokesperson on the situation in Zimbabwe

The escalation of violence in Zimbabwe over recent days has been aggravated by the disproportionate use of force by security personnel. We expect the Government of Zimbabwe to uphold human rights and the rule of law, as enshrined in the Constitution, and ensure due legal process for those detained. Access to medical services should be granted to those in need. It is essential that demonstrations be carried out peacefully; the destruction of private or public property is unacceptable.

Moreover, the shutdown of access to the internet should also be reversed. Access to information is a universal right and should be respected by Government in accordance with its constitutional and international obligations.

We also expect the Government to conduct a thorough investigation into the deaths and abuses over the last days. In this context, the recommendations made recently by the Commission of Inquiry on post-election violence are particularly relevant and require urgent implementation.

The Zimbabwean authorities chose to follow the path of reform. To ensure reforms that stand the test of time, an environment ensuring an inclusive national dialogue, through which citizens can exercise their freedoms of assembly, association and expression, is key. Zimbabwe’s efforts to promote investment and to deepen international partnerships can only be successful if these essential requirements are fulfilled.


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