Empty Coffin At All Black Party Causes Stir In Kambuzuma

In a suspected case of black magic, a Kambuzuma woman allegedly threw an all-black attire party at her residence whilst there was an empty coffin in her house.

The H-Metro reports that 31-year-old (pictured) Mercy Mupare’s recently held party has sparked rumours that she is part of a satanic cult.

One of the neighbours who spoke on condition of anonymity told the publication that they were shocked by the strange incident at Mupare’s residence.

“We have never witnessed a coffin taken into a house without the body only to be told that she wanted to use it when her relative she claims had passed on in the United Kingdom arrives.

“We were surprised to see her partying with her friends dressed in black.
Our fears are that we are staying with someone who is practising Satanism in our neighbourhood and the deceased she claims had died is still to come from the UK,” said one of the residents.

In mitigation, Mupare claims that the coffin had been bought for her relative who had passed on in the United Kingdom whose body was being repatriated to Zimbabwe.

She also added that the allegations had been fabricated with malicious intent by her jealous neighbours.

“I bought it in Mbare for $260 when a renowned funeral parlour we used for other  duties charged US$730.

“Akashaika uyu murumer wasisi va amai vangu saka vanopinda positori uyevanga vasina mari yakakwana.

Mupare also told the publication that the party had been organised days before the passing on of the deceased and the purchasing of the coffin so she could not cancel it.

“The coffin was here for eight days and I kept in my spare room since I occupy three rooms at this rented house.

“Party yakanga ingoriwo party kwete zvekutibirthday or what kwaingovawo kufara.

“We never put on black attire as alleged but takafara zvedu nehama neshamwari dzinosanganisira maceleb,” said Mupare.


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