ED’s US$8600 Briefcase Causes Online Stir!

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has received a lot of mixed reactions after he shared an image which shows an alleged Louis Vitton Briefcase. The briefcase is extremely high-end and reportedly retails for $8 600. Some people were not impressed with the extravagant briefcase, especially considering how much civil servants are earning. However, other people defended the president saying that his briefcase was in keeping with his status.

Here is how some people reacted

Mnangagwa’s Louis Vuitton briefcase is worth $8 600.

You can buy 4 Toyota RunX sedans, that’s employment for four people.

— Zandile (@maDube_) May 14, 2018

President Mnangagwa’s LV briefcase alone costs north of $8,600 which is more than twice a nurse’s yearly salary.

— Gomo Dubi (@GomoDubi) May 14, 2018

Next time you try to have a photo opp it may be useful to remove that Luis Vuitton bag. People are queuing for money, the nation is in a dilapidated state and yet our president should have the best of the best right? Zvakaoma

— Chelle Chips (@ChelleChipato) May 13, 2018

Wats did u expect: Mnangagwa got a ML500 on his motorcade and soo many other cars. Surely a LV briefcase is sensible to hve

— Cheque_Picker_Upper (@rentAcarZW_BoSS) May 13, 2018

LV Briefcase……. Mr ED has an expensive taste

— Liberation Hero (@LiberationHe


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