Drama As Zim ‘Prophetess’ Snatches UK Friend’s Hubby…Wife Drops ‘V11s’

A United Kingdom based Zimbabwean woman has narrated how a woman of God she had accommodated betrayed her and began having an illicit affair with her husband.

In a seven minute audio to Pastor Teclah Ponde’s husband Alois the woman who identified herself as Mbirimi’s daughter says she is hurt.

“I am hurt my life will never be the same, I am a faithful woman I don’t go bitc_h around , I am not a woman who is not learned like your wife but I learnt what needs to be done in marriage at the same time being well mannered also taking care of your children, but as for your wife Mr. Ponde I accommodated her with high honor the way I was nurtured by my parents and the heavens” narrates Mbirimi

She says Teclah betrayed her trust and love for God as well as church.
“She has betrayed my trust and my love, she has betrayed my love for God and church, I don’t even know where to go and where to start after all she has put in my life. This is the woman who was preaching the word which reprimanded us and was family life, yet she is possessed by the spirit of prost_itution.
“Mr. Ponde your wife was sleeping with my husband in my house, a loose woman, if you see a person cheat with a married man, sleeping with my husband the whole night. I work during the night and they would book into hotels and sleep together” she claimed
Mbirimi also claims that she was admitted in hospital as a result of the illicit affair because someone she trusted could not do such a thing.
“Mr. Ponde understand me I am a woman who is hurt being admitted at hospital is a sign of being hurt it is because I did not think the anointed one of God who preaches the word, the bread of life would do such a thing’ she said

Mbirimi says she got Mr. Ponde’s mobile number from her husband after Teclah had offered it to Mbirimi’s husband as a way of concealing the affair.

The enraged Mbirimi disclosed that her husband was not employed and was lazy.

“What I want you to know is that my husband does not work, he is lazy and is that kind of man who relies on his wife to work for him, he is a conman, he went and borrowed money so that he pleases your wife for a week, 300-500 pounds which I Mbirimi’s daughter will pay” she says

She later says that she is not yet done with Teclah and threatened to take unspecified action which she says the Ponde’s will have to repay.

“Your wife shall see, I am not yet done with her and I do not what you are going to do to repay me, she has pressed the wrong button. She does not want to leave my husband they want to stay together” Mbirimi said

Ponde could only speak at the beginning of the conversation suggesting that the discussion be done in the evening but Mbirimi went on to say it.


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