Doctors Recreate Man’s New Nose After Accident Zimbabwe sets new surgery record

SPECIALIST doctors in Bulawayo yesterday recreated the nose of a 31-year-old man in a gruesome four-hour operation, confirmed to be the first of its kind in Zimbabwe.

A crew of local doctors led by Canadian and American plastic surgeons carried out the procedure at Mpilo Central Hospital under the Operation of Hope organisation. The organisation is made up of “surgical missionaries” who do reconstructive surgery free of charge around the world.

The beneficiary, Mr Newston Ngando of Emganwini had been breathing through two holes after his nostrils were crushed in a car accident in December last year. Flesh wash taken from his thigh and forehead, which they used to reconstruct his nose.

It is alluded that Mr Ngano who initially felt disfigured as people would gaze at him, was feeling happy following the surgery.

“I had even lost confidence in myself,” he said

“I am happy that I got this opportunity and I am optimistic things will be normal from this day onwards. I lost my nose last year and had to brave my funny appearance which was sometimes not comfortable,” said Mr Ngando.

He said his family had been supportive from the day of the accident which made life easier for him.

“I haven’t seen how I look yet but I am hopeful the procedure will fix things,” said Mr Ngando.

Dr Christiaan Schrag, a plastic surgeon from Canada said Mr Ngando’s procedure — nasal reconstruction—took three and a half hours.

“We talked about doing this for one patient whom we saw two years ago but unfortunately he didn’t come back. So this is first time in Zimbabwe that we’re doing this which is quite a common procedure for patients who lose their nose due to cancer in other countries,” said Dr Schrag.

Dr Christiaan Schrag said it was uncommon for patients to lose their nose due to trauma and he was happy Mr Ngando’s procedure was successful.

“We used the septum which is behind the nose, and we brought it forward. We took a skin graft from his thigh to line the inside of the nose. We took his forehead flap to cover the nose so basically that is all we used in the procedure,” he said.




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