Dear Men, Never Be Too Quick To Tell A Woman These 5 Things

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There are some certain things you shouldn’t rush to tell a woman. Why rushing? Wait till you think she deserves to know it.

1. Never tell a woman you barely know the amount you earn. Some men already made this mistake and it took them a long time to discover that the person they were dating was only attracted to his money. Don’t you ever tell someone you just met the amount you earn. I understand you probably want to show off but don’t do what you will regret later. Some things are better not said than being said.

2. Never tell your woman about the expensive things you buy for your mother and Never let your mother know about the expensive things you bought for your woman. This is simply because it breeds jealousy between both parties. Your mother will soon start to complain that you don’t get things for her like before ever since you have gotten a new babe. Please learn how to maintain these two jealous creatures wisely.

3. Do not be quick to tell a woman what transpired between your ex and how it all ended. Women are good when it comes to investigative journalism, they will look deeply into it to know if it’s actually true or not. Some even go as far as trying to meet your ex. They would Begin to ask some questions which will make her tell her your bad sides since your ex might be thinking of revenging.

4. Don’t be quick to tell your woman, your weakness. Let’s be honest, no man is perfect. We all have our weaknesses and something we are struggling with. Please don’t ever try to tell her your weakness especially if you are not that close. If you should tell her, you will surely regret it. Not all ladies are ready to work on your weaknesses. Some are ready to leave once they hear it.

5. The last thing a man should not be too quick to tell his woman is his family problem or family challenges. Let’s say the truth, we all have something we all face in our families. It’s a general rule of life. However, what we face is different from that of others. Don’t be too quick to tell her something sensitive as such. I am not saying you should hide it from her. However, date her for so long, make sure she deserves to know it.


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