Dancer Beverly Sibanda and MisRed fight, Bev mocks MisRed’s ‘baby elephant-sized legs’

With just two weeks into the tightened lockdown, locals are already showing signs of fatigue if the clash between media personality MisRed and raunchy dancer, Bev Sibanda today is anything to go by.

What seemed like an innocent tweet by MisRed where she insinuated that Bev Sibanda was not the dancer’s real name, ended up getting really messy as Bev did not take this kindly.

“Ah, so Ray isn’t your actual actual name. It’s like the day I found out that Bev Sibanda isn’t her real name. I’m shook,” tweeted MisRed after realising that comedian, Ray Vines name is actually Melusi Chiripowako.

Bev who has been under the radar mainly due to the lockdown clearly did not like MisRed’s sentiments at all and resurfaced to defend herself. In true Bev style, she came out with all her weapons, mudslinging and body shaming MisRed in the process.

“MisRed, zvikumbo zvinenge chimwana chenzou,” responded Bev with an image of her ID which proved that her birth name is indeed Beverly Sibanda.

Due to a lack of entertainment, people were excited by this clash with some like former minister, Fortune Chasi watering the clash by making it comical.

“MisRed, you were not in my corner during that match. Now look I won,” tweeted Chasi.

MisRed who has become a common victim of such clashes on social media seems to have adapted as she apologised to Bev timely for offending her. Thereafter, she proudly posted an image of her thighs and tweeted: “shout out to all the girls with baby elephant sized thighs”.

Following this clash, it has become apparent that locals are hungry for entertainment and personalities may want to start giving them the desired content because after all, that, according to last year’s happenings, is the only way that one can remain relevant during the lockdown. With little or no controversy, one can easily be forgotten.


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