Dancehall star Enzo Ishall ditches wife, moves back to parents’ home

In an interview with local tabloid, popular musician Enzo Ishall, real name Stephen Mamhere, revealed that he has separated from her wife. This comes after there were reports that the Kanjiva hitmaker was bashed by his wife in a case of domestic violence on Christmas Day. Said Enzo:

I separated with my wife a few weeks ago and I moved back to my parents’ place. Things have been restless between us and ever since the attack on Christmas Day things were never the same between us; we haven’t resolved anything.

She has been on a rampage; displaying disrespectful behaviour towards me and even my parents. She has always been this violent and I wouldn’t argue with her until last year when I told her to stop. I loved my wife and child, but I left her because I don’t want to be dragged in her mud, especially now that I am In the limelight.

As a man, I was doing everything for her, but she was always challenging my decisions and behaving like she is the head of the house.

Sometime back when we were in Mabvuku she stopped cooking for me and would assault me every day accusing me of failing to pay her bride price.

Before I became famous she would go to work, come home when she liked and befriended anyone she liked even men, but I didn’t complain. The would sometimes make me beg her for sex, but now that I am famous she can’t put up with my popularity.



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