#CharityCharambaChallenge A BIG Hit On Social Media As Zimbabweans Battle To Tell Outrageous Lies


On Tuesday afternoon ZRP National Spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner (SAC) Charity Charamba shocked the world when she dismissed the footage aired by British broadcaster SkyNews which shows a soldier and a policeman assaulting a handcuffed man claiming it was from 2016. However, she was soon forced to eat humble pie and issue a retraction after social media users proved that she was lying due to the presence of things in which were not available in 2016. She has since admitted that she lied about the issue and went on to say that one of the perpetrators had been arrested.

Zimbabweans (and some none Zimbabweans ) did what they do best and made light of the situation by launching a challenge to tell the most outrageous lies. Here are some of them

Gqiha Bae Wom’twerko eFolosi@DrBaeMalinga

Chicken Inn couple already divorced.

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After several investigations it has been discovered that First Lady Cde Auxilia Mnangagwa is still a virgin because she wants set a good example to her children.

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This photo was taken in 2016 at President Mugabe’s Youth Interface Rally somewhere in Madziwa close to Oliver Mtukudzi’s home.

We now have proof that the lawyers who marched today were actually soldiers who stole lawyers uniforms and then masqueraded as lawyers while the lawyers wore soldiers uniforms and beat people. And this actually all happened way back in 1986.

Mafriza Zithande Mlowoka@mafriza83

That is a red ferrari 458 looted from choppies on the 21st of January 1935.

Jimmy makuja@jimmy_makuja

This the picture of the Second Republic leaders after having discovered the long lasting solution of fuel crisis in Muzarabani taken yesterday 29 January 2019 .

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ED, back in the “Rhodesian Bush War”

– Near Mozambique border, circa 1972

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Maureen Kademaunga@MaureenKade

This photo was taken in the run-up to the first election after Zim independence in 1980. @hwende @dudumo @JMafume @lilimikoro

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LynneM 💕💝💎@LynNemudonhi

My picture that was has been recovered!!

Nhlanhla Moyo@Nhlanhl55487626

This a picture of Highranders and Dynamos at Ruveve stadium taken in 1987.


1850 at Mosi-oa-tunya (now called Victoria Falls) ….few year before David Livingstone visited our Zambezi area @acielumumba @bustoptv

DocBae weNkomponi@sirsh_geon

These pictures were taken in Dallas, Texas in 1999 during a movement demonstration. The man bending down was picking a stone which he later threw at police officers, wounding 2 in the process.

Doug Coltart ✊🏽🇿🇼@DougColtart

Yo Twimbos, Charity Charamba has now admitted that the @SkyNews footage of police beating people is not from 2016 (but this past week) after it was exposed that one of the plainclothes officers was wearing a 2017/18 Chelsea jersey. Let’s make the trend!

Joe Hombarume@Zim_we_want

Dr Timothy Stamps Serebreting with Jnr Doctors in 2001

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This picture was taken by Rhodes Cecil himself in 1890.

Hon. Tapiwa Chiweshe🇿🇼@realTapsay

This picture was taken 2 weeks ago at RGM Airport when the nation was welcoming President ED back from Russia and Kazakhstan

Steve 🇿🇼@SteveZwitter


This picture is not @lilomatic but it is actually for @NICKIMINAJ who was taken the photo back in 2005 when she was not yet famous wearing a Dynamos Regalia @zvobgoluckson1 @misscailah @millz_sasa @BhanuHuff

Steve 🇿🇼@SteveZwitter

An archived photo of Sekuru Kaguvi performing rituals in Astana has emerged. The pic was filmed 1877.

Sekuru Gudo Dotito Village Champ@sekuru_gudo

This tweet by @CharityMaodza was done in 1980, the owner of the handle has confirmed that, also contacted Twitter and they also confirmed that rogue elements have altered the dates and will be arrested

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A rare image of Miss Japan, the Miss Universe 2022 winner.

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Wisdom Nyathi@MaWizzah_MaWii

This a teacher teaching PE to ecd kids

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Cloud 9 Citizen@_Trey_not_Songz

This man pictured here is not looter contrary to what western media is saying, this is a classic example of urban farming!

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Wilson Saidi@saidi_wilson

This pic was taken in early 70s ,when it was a crime to address a political gathering.

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This photo was taken at Lobengula’s funeral

LynneM 💕💝💎@LynNemudonhi

The picture of Martin Luther King Jr taken after delivering a powerful speech in August 28,1963 ” l Have A Dream” It was taken after a March on Washington for Jobs,jobs,jobs & FREEDOM! He also called for civil and economic rights.

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c R@rufaro_ruswa

We see here King Lobhengula signing of the Grobler treaty in 1887

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