Chamisa, Be afraid, Be very Afraid

Hopewell Chin’ono

These Thokozani Khupe pictures should worry Nelson “Wamba Dia Wamba” Chamisa and anyone who supports him.

You see, elections are not a game of bravado but a game of numbers.

Every vote counts as we saw in 2013.

A lot of MDC Alliance supporters are relying more on bravado and courage than on the real game of numbers, logic & rationale.

The break-up of the MDC-T into the Chamisa and Khupe factions is only beneficial to ZANUPF and Emmerson Mnangagwa’s presidential bid.

The MDC Alliance needs Matebeleland to even consider a realistic chance of winning the general election.

Without Matebeleland, it will be day dreaming, an objective to be pursued but unattainable.

In 2013, the two MDCs of Morgan Tsvangirai and Welshman Ncube lost more than 7 seats to ZANUPF in Matebeleland South alone.

They would have won these seats had they fought as a United MDC.

That is the reality of elections, they are not won on emotions or hyperbole.

They are won on making sure that you are as united as ever.

The reason why Emmerson Mnangagwa is holding on to toxic ministers like Joram Gumbo, Supa Mandiwanzira, Obert Gutu, David Parirenyatwa and Petronela Kagonye is for that very reason.

He knows that they command grassroots support and if he got rid of them now, they would lead Bhora Musango campaigns.

He has to make a rational calculation on the votes he will lose for keeping them against the votes he will keep for not firing them now.

Thokozani Khupe represents such a mortal danger to Nelson Chamisa’s presidential bid and a real disaster for the MDC Alliance parliamentary prospects in Matebeleland.

Many believe that Wamba is popular and as such he can go it alone.

I will remind them that Tsvangirai was more popular than Wamba is today but he lost Matebeleland seats because of that disunity syndrome.

He even lost Kwekwe Central to ZANU PF and yet the combined MDC vote was higher than that of ZANU PF.

The combined vote of the two MDCs would have won then 7 more seats in Matebeleland South alone. Today’s turn up at Khupe’s congress shows that she is not someone to dismiss.

She will not win any presidential election but she is capable of stopping Wamba from any prospective victory.

If I were Wamba, I would sit down with her and cobble a deal to see them through the elections then sort out the rest after the plebiscite.

To Wamba’s hardcore social base, it is numbers stupid!

I have seen a lot of memes mocking Thokozani Khupe and sometimes derogatively, the post elections memes might be on your Comrades.

You are fighting a war with Khupe and yet you are failing to see that she has different political objectives to yours. Hers is to stop you, yours is to win, you can’t deploy the same strategies for different desires outcomes.

Why would Emmerson Mnangagwa need to lose sleep about how to decapacitate the opposition when they are doing a good job of it for him.


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