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Central Corner – Why Rotaract

Rotaract Club of Harare Central

The name Rotaract might be familiar with you; maybe through a friend, a relative or a social media, yet you have never considered joining. Here’s a few reasons why the club is an essential ingredient to your legacy and leaving a meaningful impact on the community.


If you’ve ever wondered how it feels like to be part of a family that has unlimitted opportunities and is full of adventure and meaningful impact, then Rotaract is that second family you are looking for.

Rotaract is a family. You can see it from the way we talk to each other, to the norm of greeting through hugs rather than shaking hands, even if you are a guest. Gradually, without being aware, you will find yourself fitting in as a family member and you will gain more than you will give.


Humanitarian acts are at the core of the Rotaract family lifestyle, running with the mantra, “Fellowship through service”. We believe in making a diffence and being an inspiration every day, whether resourced or incapacitated.

The thought of spending time with those who need your company, fundraising for those who can’t afford, opening doors of opportunity and leaving a lasting smile on the faces of the recipient is a very gratifying feeling.

Locally Rotaract is involved with children’s homes like Larché and Chiedza Children’s Home, as well as old people’s homes like Melfort in Marondera.


On a personal note, one of thegratest benefits of being in Rotaract is the ability to travel literally anywhere in the world. You get to connect with other Rotarians/Rotaractors in the family and get to learn about other people and cultures.


Rotaract is the opportunity to meet many energetic young people. It has a myriad of thought leaders, pace setters, innovators and game changers all working with one common interest of making the world a better place.

Side Note – with the numbers of interesting characters in Rotaract and loads of potential to back it up, it’s easy to fall for one another and even get married. (Lol)

The meetings are paradoxically both entertaining and serious, nurturing the attendee both personally and professionally for a seamless intergration with the community.

When we go out for ocassions or fellowship socials events, we go hard and in numbers, filling the whole café, dancing and having fun at the fund raisings and fellowships, donating blood together or even sharing an acoustic night with a family of genuine friends.

It’s all in Rotaract !

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