Bushiri’s Prophecy on Zim Excites Mdc-T

MALAWI’s controversial prophet, Shepherd Bushiri’s recent prophecy about the “rebirth of Zimbabwe with new upmarket cities and modern infrastructure” ,has excited MDC who believe the prophecy serves to fulfill their vision thus sealing their victory in the upcoming elections.

During a church service, Bushiri said: “God is doing a new thing in Zimbabwe. Hear me, as I speak as a prophet. God is about to exalt the land of Zimbabwe. We must pray for the land of Zimbabwe and I saw something about Zimbabwe very interesting. Zimbabwe has been a sleeping giant, but now the sleeping giant is going to rise.

“I am seeing a land that looks like Dubai. I am seeing a new city in Zimbabwe, it looks like Dubai and God is saying to me, ‘I am about to bless this land’.”

Bushiri became a hit when he he prophesied that Kembo Mohadi would become one of the leaders of the country, the prophesy seemed to be fulfilled when Mohadi became the vice president after Mugabe’s fall.

In his latest prophecy, Bushiri added: “God said tell the people of Diaspora, who are struggling in other nations, in other countries, that you are about to return home and be rich in their home. You are about to become rich in Zimbabwe because God is working on Zimbabwe. In the next six years from now, you will have something that looks like Dubai being built.”

He, however added that it would be a collective effort.

“God is about to promote the land of Zimbabwe and He will not do it with an individual, he will do it with Zimbabweans. No one man, not one woman, not one politician, not two politicians, but all of them together. God is doing a new thing in Zimbabwe,” he said.

MDC-T acting treasurer-general Charlton Hwende immediately took to social media platforms to celebrate the prophecy as pointing to a Chamisa victory.

He tweeted: “Pastor Bushiri is also now talking about spaghetti roads and a city like Dubai to be built in Zimbabwe in six years’ time. When president Nelson Chamisa talked about these issues, he was vilified.”


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