“Bring All The Sick And Afflicted” – Oscar Pambuka To Open Church?

Veteran TV personality Oscar Pambuka shocked many of his followers and fans on Thursday after he announced on his social media platform Facebook that he is now a “Prophet”.

According to the post, he will hold his inaugural service this coming Sunday in Houghton Park, Harare. The name of his Church is Oscar Pambuka Ministries, and he is inviting everyone and is asking you to “Bring all the sick and afflicted”.

“Meet Prophet Pambuka. My first ever service is on this Sunday in Houghton Park. Some were asking me the name of the ministry. Its(sic) called Oscar. Pambuka Ministries. Come and see the power of God at work. Bring all the sick and afflicted.” he posted.

Peradventure, reaching for the stars hadn’t brought the fulfilment he’s been seeking so long. But finding Jesus Christ, knowing and serving him seems to be the latest life dimension that bringing him the true happiness he’s been questing for.

Anyway, most people who responded to his call rubbished him and accused him of all things. We wish we could print some words used, but being that we are a family friendly site doing so would have conflicted with our moral compass.

Some assume that this could be a prank and have said that his spiritual father could be Remnant Desire of All Nations Ministries leader Prophet Talent Madungwe. The possibility of this could be flummoxing as Pambuka has before questioned Prophet Madungwe’s sanity during interviews.

Perhaps all this hullabaloo is emanating from a simple glimpse at the recent events surrounding the Pambuka life.More on ZOOMZimbabwe…  9 women open up about what it’s really like to be a virgin until marriage

In November 2017, Pambuka was kicked out of the state broadcaster ZBC.

In the same year, he along former ZANU-PF legislator Psychology Maziwisa, were arrested and convicted facing fraud charges of swindling the Zimbabwe Power Company of $12 650 in a botched public relations deal. They are currently both on bail pending appeal.

In 2018, he announced that he has turned to become a Dancehall music chanter and he did so much to promote the Zimdancehall culture.

Earlier in March, Pambuka’s wife Nyasha Makota instigated divorce procedures to end their six-year-old marriage, arguing that their marriage had irretrievably broken down so much that there was no prospect of a restoration of a normal relationship.

Against this milieu, many would argue that Pambuka’s track record makes him unfit for the ministry of the Word.

Even so, some would go to the moon and come back contending that the circumstances he has been through instead of discarding him out of the ministry, had rather set a perfect tone for his upcoming work as a cleric if Biblical hermeneutics is anything to go by.

The Bible contains biographies of several great men and women, many of them powerful leaders—kings, judges, priests, prophets, apostles, who were called and chosen by God to shepherd his people while coming from undesired backgrounds i.e Apostle Paul.

In the most basic sense, all Christians are called to ministry. The Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20) applies to all. Too, every Christian is part of the Body of Christ. Fulfilling one’s role as part of the Body – no matter what that role is – means ministering to others.

So, it could be Oscar Pambuka’s time… who knows?


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