Police Friday fired teargas to disburse thousands of angry Zengeza 3 residents who went on the rampage allegedly after businessman Fredrick Mabamba’s son ran over a pedestrian.

Residents baying or his blood wanted to mete instant justice had police not reacted fast enough to control the situation which went out of hand.

“This is not the first time that this boy has run over pedestrians and nothing has been done about it,” said one angry resident.

“In Dema the boy killed someone in a traffic accident again, and his father restituted the family by buying them a car and building a house for them,” the resident alleged.

Another resident said it was common cause that Mabamba, a teacher who has made millions from selling stands in the dormitory town of Chitungwiza, was in good books with many politicians.

“He was protected by Ignatius chombo, and maybe they were in business together too,” said Simon Mhora of Zengeza 3.

“What makes it worse is that Mabamba himself brags that he is linked to the very top in Zanu PF and that no-one can touch him.

“But this is a new dispensation and we have a more people-centred police force now, so this should change!”

Residents vowed they would march to Mabamba’s double-storey mansion in the suburb on Saturday to express their outrage.


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