Blue Berry Farming Brings More Forex in Zimbabwe

By Desire Tshuma

Blue Berry farmers have in recent years been increasing production in Zimbabwe, racking in the much-needed foreign currency and providing employment as this is a capital and labour intensive industry.

The Ministry of Lands, Agriculture, Fisheries, Water and Rural Development yesterday visited Palmlife Blue Berry farm in Marondera, headed by the permanent secretary Dr John Basera to inspect the production which is happening in the farm.

Palmlife Farm which is owned by Mr Bob Henson is a 65 hactare farm which produces Blueberry mostly for export.

“We are on the right track in terms of farming, we are targeting in bringing back farming to high levels as we used to be the breadbasket of Africa,” said Dr John Basera.

He said government was prepared to assist every farmer – either A1 or A2 – in terms of loans, export certificates and importation of farming impliments.

“We are exporting 1000 tonnes of blueberry per year to the United Kingdom where there is a distribution company which then will distribute to Russia, Germany, Netherlands and to the Middle East,” said Mr Henson.

He further said Palmlife farm has 400 permanent workers and 1000 seasonal workers.

He said they are going to build a school and a clinic for the community soon.

Palmlife invested US$8 million in the blueberry project which bagan two years ago.

Mr Henson is the owner of Palmlife Farm and the Managing director for the Drip Tech Technology.

TOP PIC: Dr John Basera with Bob Henson in the blueberry field yesterday.


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