*’Babylon has fallen’?*

By Herman Moyo

We’re witnessing the great implosion of this, the great hope of Africa, South Africa.

And the name of the country lends itself to unbelievably pretentiousness, south of Africa? you’d be forgiven to think its a sign post pointing to some utopia outside the continent

Satafrika.. beyond Africa, the land of milk and honey. The vanity of it.

They don’t want to be confused with the rest of Africa, they would rather be confused alone. Thank you very much.

I’m surprised they haven’t applied for EU membership. And NATO. They’re an enigma these mzansi types. You’ve got to hand it to them, they’ve chutzpah by the bucketful. They presume to be smarter than the rest of the continent and yet there they are, fore trotters in trough, greedily slurping with the worst of them

The only good thing to come out of there was Mandela, if that. Exactment, if that.

If as a human being you do what you’re paid for, excuse me if we don’t iron the cape, buff up the halo & kill the fatted calf.

The problem with the mzansi povo is the lack of school fees, or, to be more precise, the lack of exposure to those institutions wherein you pay a toll for guidelines on how to navigate life and add figures, that sort of thing.

While they were busy boycotting ‘boer education’ the political class were sending its progeny to private classes readying them for the next class; ie the ruling class.

Once you wrap your head around that anecdote, you cease to look for any methodology in their madness. They’re just plain looney bin certifiable. That’s all

Now they’re necklacing people for ‘taking their jobs’ which are, in a nutshell, selling tomatoes at street corners, waiting on tables at restaurants and being security guards

That explains the winter of discontent, whereby the entire country rose up as one, to burn and loot and lay waste with the police either cheering on or actively participating.

The citizens acted out the biblical scripture of John 10 vs 10; and I quote ‘The thief cometh to steal, kill and destroy’ And they did exactly that by themselves.

If they really want to know who’s killing who, let them look in the mirror. It’s the man in the mirror, or woman whatever case it may be.

It was a free for all, beamed live and therefore could not be palmed off on the foreigner.

The greed, the propensity for criminality and the scorched earth policy that ensued caught the political class, more precisely the ruling class, in a tizzy.

The proverbial excreta had hit the ceiling fan. And they all began to talk at the same time, the big ndukus that is.

Only in singing can people make noise simultaneously without making asses of themselves.

And these fellows are not choristers and so a whole lot of lying kicked off in earnest. From the top honcho right down to the ministries.

While it may be acknowledged that the lie is a key tool in a politician’s kitty and is vital for campaigning, commissions of inquiry, bookkeeping, tenderpreneuring and all manner of sworn affidavits, the cardinal rule with lies is that when the exponents thereof have a common point of view to defend, they have to be choreographed and synchronised, failing which, comrades may begin to accidentally on purpose knock each other’s noggins out. Sad really.

But I digress. How anyone worth a pinch of salt could not see that coming is beyond the pale.

Intelligence, the police and army, all of the above caught pants down?

What is beyond dispute is that the commander-in-chief was left with expensive cake in the beard and according to his own version, that was ethnocentrism rearing up its ugly head, hoping to knock him off his perch

People were spooked. They hurdled into frightened little racial and tribal groupings laager style, ready to lash out at anything that moved, which oftentimes they actually did.

Then the neo-nationalist movements crawled out of the woodwork. Dudula, Put South Africa first, and drew hordes of unwashed masses.

Suddenly they’d found something to give meaning to their empty lives

Forget that the Indians had given them a nice whipping in places like Phoenix and such without right of reply.

They were going to even the odds, so, they donned military fatigues and set out to avenge their brothers in Phoenix’… Not a chance!..they did not! otherwise the Indians would’ve given them another good hiding.

They were more circumspect this time around so like the self preservation conscious cowards they’re, they went the route of softer targets instead and so military fatigues on including bulletproof vests, they took to marauding, with police escort demanding dompasses from hapless beings trying to make ends meet. Yes, vigilantes getting VIP treatment.

They killed Elvis Nyathi in cold blood with the tacit approval of the powers that be.

His blood is on Aaron’s head and Bhekis for their inflammatory utterances and outright lies.

His blood is also on the heads of the yellow journalists who keep on repeating the lie about undocumented foreigners when the onslaught is on all black foreigners, it’s on the heads of the denialists too craven to call out xenophobia for what it is and instead call it criminality.

Rest in peace Elvis. Cry the beloved country


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