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I keep hearing this phrase being thrown around… whenever there is a slightly intellectual discussion…

Are Zimbabwean people educated?

Being educated is having the ability to think beyond what is written or read, to interrogate it’s sources and manipulate it into improving one’s life and the life of his society. If you’re not doing that you’re neither educated nor independent.

I’d like to think that Zimbabweans and Africans in general are conditioned to read and regurgitate without thinking beyond what we have read, than actually being educated.

The white colonial masters needed us to be able to read, so as to be able to follow instructions on their factories manufacturing plants.

We read the manuals and were able to work their machinery.

Education is powerful enough to transform lives. Do you actually think the colonial masters would give us the type of education that would empowers us or the type that would make us rely on them?

So I’d suggest that we were educated to follow, to be dependent.

The former President Mugabe was renowned to be most educated. I think he’s the least educated man with a highly inflated ego, hence the country in the mess it’s in. Little knowledge is indeed dangerous.

Being educated is the ability to make sense and improve the knowledge given than simply being able to recite it, worse off just display the certificates.

We have been identified as having a lower IQ than the average African. Mr Nguwi suggested that our general mental ability was not in any way improved by our education nor our experience, which I think is grossly inaccurate.

With education, rather the right education, anything can be improved, even personalities, beliefs or  destinies.

The studies he cited focused on the wrong kind of education. It focuses on the education system that was set up for factory workers than for thinkers and factory owners.

Look at the number of people with the title Doctor and ask them of a single piece of research that they have done to improve just one life… while the title professes to improve lives.

*Now, would you say we, the Zimbabweans are educated or simply literate?*

Your thoughts please…

#MoNya 2019


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