American women visit Madzibaba Masango’s shrine

MADZIBABA Masango of Johanne Masowe yeChishanu was on Sunday forced to use two interpreters following a visit by three United States of America women at his shrine in Rugare on Sunday.

Due to a combination of reasons, H-Metro could not independently engage the visitors for their version of events and whether they actually believe in the apostolic faith or they were on a research mission.

They could not leave the services for a brief interview while afterwards they stayed behind for the popular “one-on-one” session.

Strive Masango, who is better known as Madzibaba Masango and has been on a national tour where he is out of his Harare base on Thursdays and Fridays, said it would be unfair for the media to “interrogate” foreign nationals seeking his help as it amounts to invasion of privacy.

“I do not think it is fair for you or anyone in the media to approach visitors to the shrine as it violates their right to privacy. If they are keen to share their story with the world I am sure they will do so at their own appropriate time and on their own preferred medium.

“Even if you go to any hospital, you will not be allowed to interview patients. If there is anything that you would want to understand about the service, let’s talk later in the day,” said Madzibaba Masango when H-Metro sought his assistance in the morning.

Amid an underground battle for membership, rivals were of the opinion that the foreign visitors were meant to pull numbers.

“We are here at my shrine where only those that had planned to come here are present. It’s not at some neutral venue where people might be tempted to see what is going on and then be interested or attracted by the foreign visitors,” Madzibaba Masango said.

Under normal circumstances, Madzibaba Masango uses an interpreter to his congregants and the explanation given is that he might say certain things, which others call ‘speaking in tongues’, that an ordinary person will not understand and this interpreter takes care of the situation.

And to take care of the visiting Americans, a second interpreter had to come in to use English.

On Sunday Madzibaba had to use two interpreters since one was to say it in English for the benefit of the three visitors.

Speaking afterwards, he said it was not his first encounter with visitors from the western countries.

“This was actually not the first time for me to attend to westerners. These visitors today wanted to meet me privately but I had to conduct church service first before one on one sessions. Like I had indicated in the morning, I am unable to disclose their reason to come for prayers but what I can say is that our members and followers in Diaspora testified about ‘back to sender’ prayers.”

He reiterated that he has no plans to travel abroad even when suggestions are that there is interest by both Zimbabweans abroad and foreign nationals given his works are accessed on social media platforms.

“Sezvandakambotaura kuti Mudzimu Anoera haasati anditendera nekundipa gwara rekubuda mhiri zvoreva kuti vose varimhiri kwenyanza kamakungwa vachauya kuno kusvikandatenderwa kubuda.

“I do not just wake up and decide where to go but am directed where to go and how to conduct prayers in various places where I am led to go. I will be in Gweru today and tomorrow and am anointed with prayers to certain people given grace to meet me there and I will fulfill the assignment,” said Madzibaba Masango.


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