Aggrieved Woman Demands $100 000 from Deceased Hubby’s Smallhouse

It seems like its open season on mistresses, colloquially referred to as small houses, who engage in adulterous love affairs with a married man.

A few weeks after Rudo Boka successfully sued her estranged husband’s small house and was awarded US$50 000 by the High Court, another woman has taken it a step further by suing her husband’s mistress despite the fact that the man in question is now late.

The Chronicle reports that Rita Nyandiya has filed a $100 000 ( RTGS$) lawsuit against Tsitsi Dube who she accused of carrying out an adulterous affair with her late husband Peter Edward Nyandiya which lasted for 5 1/2 years from January 2013 and September 2018.

Part of the lawsuit which was filed at the Bulawayo High Court said:

During the period of the illicit affair between the defendant and my late husband, they had unprotected sex which resulted in the birth of a minor child on April 9, 2014.

During the period of the affair, we had serious marriage problems emanating from the illicit relationship, which was an affront to me and my family as it caused grave anguish.

The unprotected sexual intercourse between my late husband and the defendant exposed me to the deadly HIV whose prevalence is public knowledge

Wherefore plaintiff claims against the defendant for an order for payment in the sum of RTGS$100 000 being adultery damages for loss of consortium and contumelia suffered as a result of the defendant’s adulterous relationship with my late husband.

Dube is yet to respond to the lawsuit.


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