Africa And Corruption: Meet the Top 5 Most Honest Countries On the African Continent

For all its potential, Africa is described by many as the continent of the future. Many factors are at the root of this continent’s backwardness. And among these, corruption is grossly noticed.Despite all the flaws that can be decried in Africa, some countries are good students in terms of global honesty. Indeed, in this article, we present the five least corrupt countries of the continent.


Namibia is an excellent example in Africa for freedom of the press. This is reflected in the rankings of Reporters Without Borders. Even more surprising is that Namibia is ahead of the US and other rich countries. To this beautiful example is added the fact that it ranks fifth in this ranking.


Like Namibia, Rwanda shows more than encouraging performances. Indeed, the country  occupies the first place in terms of Human Development Progress over the last 20 years. This easily explains its economic growth of 8%. Also, according to the  World Economic Forum, Rwanda is the 7th best managed country on the planet.


Located west of the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is also a good student in Africa. Indeed, according to the Democracy Index compiled by the Economist Intelligence Unit that measures the state of democracy in 167 countries, in 2011 Mauritius ranked 24th in the world. Then, it is the only African country with a “perfect democracy”.

2-Cape Verde

In Cape Verde, two things to celebrate: the regular alternation between the parties since 1991 and the freedom of the press. These two factors play a large part in the fact that the country is among the most democratic countries in the world: the exact opposite of certain African countries.


Botswana is a relatively unobtrusive country but many nations should be inspired by it. Indeed, its transparency rate is 6.1 in 2011 (5.4 in 2007) on a scale of 10, making it the least corrupt country on the African continent. This performance has earned him nicknames like “the African miracle”, “the exception of the continent” or “Switzerland of Africa”.


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