740 000 Young Zim Women Are HIV-positive – UN Report

A United Nations Report claimed that 740 000 young women in Zimbabwe are living with HIV, the third highest figure in the SADC region.

This was revealed in a UNAids HIV and Women report released this week. The report further said that South Africa tops the list with 4.4 million followed by Mozambique at 1.3 million.

Young women are those whose ages fall between the ages of 15-24.

The report attributed the high numbers to the existence of high levels of transactional sex and age-disparity sexual relationships that are blamed for the HIV vulnerability of young women. The report says in part:

An estimated 740,000 women were living with HIV in Zimbabwe in 2017.

Gender inequality is present within relationships and marriages and drives HIV infections.

Although knowledge among young people is improving, only 37% of young women and 41% of young men have comprehensive and correct knowledge of HIV prevention.

Only 46% of young women and 47% of young men have comprehensive knowledge about HIV, limiting their ability to take control of their sexual health.

… In addition, only 29% of adolescent women (aged 15-19), at high risk of HIV infection used a condom the last time they had sex, compared to 44% of their male counterparts.


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