Cheated man burns in-laws house

All is not well in a Kadoma high density suburb where a man burnt his in-laws house subsequent to an alleged sexual infidelity argument.
It is in a police report made at a local police station that, on July 14 2018 Justice Mashonga (36) bashed his wife Abigail Midza accusing her of sexual infidelity, however the wife managed to escape to her aunt Stulisiwe Mondingwa’s place.
Justice allegedly followed his wife to the place and ordered that the wife come out else he would burn the house. However by that time both the aunt and the wife had gone to the shops to buy food and electricity, they had only left 3 kids who were playing outside.
When Abigail failed to show up it is believed that Justice torched the house and ran away while the two boys followed their mothers to inform them on what was happening.
“ At first I couldn’t believe my sons , I just thought they were joking , however they kept on insisting we rush home , only to find the house already burnt and we had nothing to do,” said Stulisiwe Mondingwa.
Stulisiwe said her husband is disturbed because they lost everything including valuable things like his work documents, national documents and property.
“All I want is for him to get arrested and to pay for his deeds, is a disgrace to mankind, he deserves to rot in prison because I would have been dead by now’” said Stulisiwe.
The owner of the house Belinda Gambiza promised to help the family to find their brother in-law and said he was disappointed in him.
However Stulisiwe’s neighbors argued that Justice was not her brother in-law, but rather her boyfriend, whom they saw visiting the place only when the husband is away.


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