2013 rape case finally prosecuted!

In a shocking case that screams of massive corruption, the chief operations officer of David Whitehead Textiles, Edwin Chimanye has finally been arrested after he was convicted of raping a 12-year-old girl in 2013.

According to the Herald, Chimanye who was sentenced to only 18-months in jail after he was charged with bedding a minor immediately appealed against the conviction and sentence and was granted bail pending appeal.

Chimanye took advantage of his release and did not bother prosecuting his appeal case, a common tactic used by criminals in Zimbabwe. Unfortunately, for him, his appeal was dismissed in 2015 by the Registrar of the High Court for want of prosecution.

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At this point, Chimanye should have been rearrested and locked up so that he could serve his sentence. However, he continued enjoying his freedom as the police did not apparently know of the dismissal of his appeal.

He was finally rearrested last Friday when the police finally got wind of the news that the appeal was dismissed four years back.

In the original case which Chimanye was convicted for, the court heard that Chimanye approached the 12-year-old and convinced her to get into a relationship with him. He bought the minor a Nokia Asha to enable communication between the two over social media application Whatsapp.

Chimanye would get the minor to send him nu_de pictures and would take her to a nearby lodge in order to be intimate with her.

The matter came to light when the parents stumbled upon the minor’s phone and saw the messages between the two.


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