Monday, October 14, 2019

Family of CIO officer murdered during Mugabe coup sues Muchinguri

US dollar/Zimbabwe dollar official and black market rates today (11/10/2019)

“Prophet Bushiri must be honest with MK20million promise…Enough of lies” – Malawian Youths

DPA powers Liquid Telecom’s data centre in Midrand, South Africa

Distributed Power Africa (DPA) this week unveiled a 1.2MW solar installation at Liquid Telecom’s Campus in Midrand, South Africa ...

Goodbye Surgery? Scientists Just Made Eye Drops that Dissolve Cataracts

Most of us take our vision for granted. As a result, we take the ability to read, write, drive, and complete a multitude of other tasks for granted. However, sight is not so easy for e...

Sugar Improves Memory in Over 60s, Study Suggests

Sugar improves memory in older adults – and makes them more motivated to perform difficult tasks at full capacity – according to new research by the University of Warwick. Led by PhD stu...

The First Symptom Of Prostate Cancer Everyone Should Watch Out For–Top Doctor Reveals

Prostrate cancer has destroyed the lives of many men in the past and no man should experience it. This is sign of the disease you should not ignore. It’s the most common cancer for men...


A ZIMBABWEAN court has faulted the City of Harare (CoH) for disobeying a lawful court order after the local authority continued with housing developments on a wetland in one of Ha...

PAP President impressed with engagements of the 10th Conference of Speakers of African Assemblies and Senates

The True Story of Peace and Cessation of War Opened to the Public in 195 Countries

Thunderstorms, strong winds & hail to hit Zimbabwe, Met Department predicts

Harare City Council engages Satewave Technologies on solar services

Ministry of Finance Supports Climate Action Programmes

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